Children's Innovation Project focuses on learning about learning. We provide customized, on-going and in-depth professional learning consultation and facilitation for educators, schools, districts, organizations, programs and projects, including:

  • Customized workshops for educators 
  • Site-based coaching, co-teaching and demonstration teaching
  • Curriculum design
  • Noticing visits and descriptive documentation 
  • Qualitative data reports focused on opportunities
  • Consultation to support reflection, new possibilities and vision alignment
  • Consultation to develop teacher-led learning communities of practice
  • Facilitation of protocols to support in-depth noticing, wondering and reimagining
  • Collaborative research
  • Speaking engagements
  • Other

Supporting formal and informal educators to:

Grow practice to nurture an inclusive, process-focused approach for innovation with all children.

Frame learning with materials (discarded materials, found objects, Circuit Blocks) to support children’s logical thinking that transfers from raw technology to other learning areas.

Facilitate language and conversation that allow all children to find and apply relevant, personalized habits of mind in their learning of self and with others.

Supporting schools, districts, organizations, programs and projects to:

Notice deeply in order to describe, wonder and reimagine beyond current observations, outcome measures and planning frames.

Find opportunities inside limits of a context and identify leverage points with the greatest potential to shift practice in support of rigorous thinking for all children.

Co-create from a place of abundance to notice and listen in order to find and maximize strengths of a context aligned with its central purpose.


Specific possibilities for professional learning including consultation, workshops and other services are best discussed by phone in order to learn the specific needs of your context.

Please email Melissa Butler, Director at or to set up an appointment.