professional development

Children's Innovation Project is focused on learning about learning. We develop and facilitate ongoing professional development for teachers and administrators in Pittsburgh Public Schools and surrounding school districts. We also develop and facilitate professional development workshops and workshop series for formal and informal educators in the greater Pittsburgh region. In addition, we present at national, regional and local conferences and educational forums about the ideas and approach of Children's Innovation Project.

We provide the following professional development learning experiences for educators, administrators, schools, districts, organizations or others interested in learning a different approach to technology and innovation:

* One-time workshops for educators about an aspect of Children's Innovation Project pedagogical approach (customized to context; 2-3 hours in length; possible workshop topics: Observational Drawing, Slow Noticing, Developing a Concept of Perspective, Language-Logic Constructs, Failure and Developing Persistence, Supporting Student-led Questions, Growing Students' Habits of Mind, among others)

* Workshop series about a range of topics, ideas and approaches of Children's Innovation Project (customized to context; 5-10 sessions of 2-3 hours each; possible workshop topics include any combination of topics listed above, or a series of sessions all about a single topic, allowing participants to dig deeper in to the topic with each consecutive session)

* Talks and presentations about ideas of innovation, technology and slow and careful thinking work with children and teachers

* Seminars, retreats and longer-length workshop sessions for leadership teams, administration or teacher leaders, community organizations or other groups about a Children's Innovation Project approach to innovation and technology, one that slows down learning and focuses on how schools can support children's access to thinking instead of access to stuff (topics, content, design and approach customized by context)

If you are interested in working with us or having us support your professional development work in your school, district or organization, please contact us at

If your school/district desires on-site and on-going professional development support directly for teachers for a school year or more, we partner with ASSET STEM Education in order to provide the most meaningful and sustaining professional development for teachers.  Please let us know  if you are interested in this option, and we will put you in contact with them.