Children's Innovation Project grew through collaborative learning on multiple levels: co-teaching between Melissa and Jeremy for over 14 years, collaboration with teachers and administration at Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5 between 2011-2017, and collaboration with many significant people inside organizations over the 10 years including: Pittsburgh Public Schools, Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE LabThe Sprout Fund, The Fred Rogers Center at St. Vincent College, Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children, Clarion University of PA, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, ASSET STEM Education, among others. Pilot funding for the project came in 2011 from SPARK, a previous program of The Sprout Fund. During the timeframe of 2011-2017, Children's Innovation Project was generously supported by Pittsburgh's foundation community. The Grable Foundation supported child and teacher learning at Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5 and other Pittsburgh Public Schools, including program evaluation and development with the Fred Rogers Center. Heinz Endowments supported the development of classroom materials and educational supports for both in-school and out- of-school communities. Children’s Innovation Project is a member of the Remake Learning Network.

Children's Innovation Project continues to grow and evolve through collaboration with various local, national and international partners, all sharing a similar vision for growing learning experiences for children and educators in ways that support innovative thinking that supports a more equitable and ethical future for our world.

Currently Children's Innovation Project is focused on teacher professional learning and systems change grown from the inside with teacher leadership. Our focus is on intensive, on-going, context-based professional learning and curricula/program design. Circuit Blocks continue to be available through our Learning Store. Consulting and curriculum design specific to a progression of computational logic and language learning aligned with Circuit Blocks also continues to be available.