notice. wonder. persist.

Children's Innovation Project supports children's development as learners who are confident, competent and caring. Guided by a careful learning progression and thoughtful use of materials, children develop habits of mind that support them as curious innovators who can creatively problem solve in the world around them.

notice - slow down and look carefully, there's always more to see

Noticing work is part of every learning experience with the Children's Innovation Project. Children learn a habit of working slowly and looking closely. There is never an end to what we can find inside something. With even the smallest part of something, there is always more to see. There is infinity in the small. As teachers, we are never scared that children will get bored. Through this work, children develop a habit of appreciating small things, and savoring a slow process of noticing.

wonder - follow questions to find new questions

Each learning experience with the Children's Innovation Project starts and ends with questions. Children are encouraged to follow their questions in order to find new questions. Wondering becomes a practice they continue in other subject areas and aspects of their lives.

persist - love and stay with your struggles

Children's Innovation Project supports children to internalize a sensibility of persistence and value struggle as an opportunity in learning. Children develop persistence through challenging, open-ended opportunities to reflect, revise, debate, critique, listen, notice, speak, write, draw, collaborate, wonder, imagine, question and create. An innovator loves to struggle and looks for opportunities to struggle more. An innovator finds ways to stay with a struggle... try a new perspective or approach, find new questions, bring in new collaborators and notice/name the process of the learning itself.