finding something new inside something known---

growing learning opportunities for children, educators and organizations based in who they are and from what they already know.

notice.       wonder.       trust.       connect.       joy.

Consulting services to support teachers, schools, districts, organizations and projects to:

* Slow down to notice, wonder and re-imagine learning and learning communities;

* Grow language and logic that transfers from mechanical and digital technologies to other content areas;

* Develop learning habits to grow and sustain individual and collective curiosities about the world;

* Learn about learning and how to grow and sustain rigorous, equitable learning for all children across all contexts;

* Support educator and organizational practice based in a perspective of abundance, not lack.

Children's Innovation Project continues to manufacture and sell Circuit Blocks (developed in Fall 2010), through local, small-scale production with locally sourced wood. You may purchase sets of Circuit Blocks at our Learning Store. Consulting and curriculum design specific to a progression of computational logic and language learning aligned with Circuit Blocks is also available.

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